Sunday, October 26, 2014

Programmatically force create a new LocalDB database

I have spent the last week working in an integration test suite that seemed to be taking ages to run its first test. I ran a profiler on the setup, and noticed a few things that were cheap to improve. The first one was how a new LocalDB database was being created.
An empty database file was included into the project. When running the setup, this file would replace the existing test database. However, when there were open connections to the test database - SQL Server Management Studio for example - replacing it would fail. To avoid this, the SQL server process was being killed before copying the file, waiting for it to come back up.

Another way to create a new database, is by running a script on master. You can force close open connections to the existing database, by putting the database in single user mode and rolling back open transactions. You can also take advantage of creation by script to set up a sane size to avoid the database having to grow while running your tests. When you specify the database size, you need to also specify the filename; I'm using the default location.

Switching to this approach shaved seven seconds of database creation.

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