Sunday, October 21, 2012

Slides and code from my Web.NET Europe REST and ASP.NET Web API session

I just returned to the hotel after attending and speaking at Web.NET Europe 2012. There were multiple sessions on ASP.NET Web API today, and I was responsible for delivering the first one of the day. Being first, and to avoid overlap with others, I tried to lay a solid foundation by focusing on the REST and ASP.NET Web API basics: resources, identifiers, representations, verbs and hypermedia.

More people than I expected showed up for my talk; somewhere around 50 to 70 attendees, I guess. I think it was fairly well received; after 25 votes, the session rating stands at 90%. It's great to see your preparations have such a fruitful outcome.

I still have a few thoughts on the conference to materialize, but for now, I uploaded the slides (they're also embedded below) and hosted the source code on GitHub.

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