Sunday, September 23, 2012

IMPORTANT: Please resubscribe to my feed

Maybe the writing has been on the wall for Feedburner for a long time. No features were added for over four years, no bugs were fixed, the look-and-feel wasn't updated to be consistent with other Google products, support channels were being shut down,... But it wasn't until last Friday that the degradation of the service really got tangible: all subscriber counts indicated zero. Dozens of people complained, using all possible communication channels, but nobody listened.

When I set up this blog almost five years ago, I made the mistake of pointing people to a naked Feedburner url, which now forces me to ask my subscribers to resubscribe. I've learned my lesson, and I've set up a more sustainable url:

I always valued RSS subscribers more than people coming from search engines; it encourages me to know there are people curious for more content. So if you're reading this, please unsubscribe from this feed, and resubscribe to, the current feed will phase out over the next thirty days.

TL;DR: Feedburner is dead. I messed up by pointing you there. Please resubscribe to

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