Monday, August 20, 2012

ASP.NET Web API error detail policy now defaults to the custom errors configuration

While working on an already updated ASP.NET Web API project, I noticed an extra value in the IncludeErrorDetailPolicy enumeration. The IncludeErrorDetailPolicy configuration tells the Web API host when it's allowed to include full error details in responses. Before updating, the RC version of the IncludeErrorDetailPolicy enumeration only had three possible values: LocalOnly, Always and Never. With the released version comes a new value: Default.
// Summary:
// Use the default behavior for the host environment. For ASP.NET hosting, use
// the value from the customErrors element in the Web.config file. For  self-hosting,
// use the value System.Web.Http.IncludeErrorDetailPolicy.LocalOnly.
Default = 0,
So now, with the default policy enabled, the ASP.NET host will look inside the custom errors element in the web.config by default, to determine whether it should include error details or not. This makes for the error detail behavior of Web API to always be consistent with the one of MVC and WebForms in the same application.

Those that have yet to have their first look at ASP.NET Web API will probably take this behavior for granted. But we will never forget.

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  1. I have noticed this and I think it's a good thing as one more value is being added with the help of which the errors will be seen in more detail now.