Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Blame no one but yourself

Blame no one but yourself. This is one of the few quotes I remember months after reading this book. Although it's a harsh statement, there definitely is some truth to it.

Once I started observing my own behavior when faced with failure, I caught myself regularly blaming others for failures to which I am - at least - an accomplice.

Think about it. You might be guilty of this too.

Frustrated with management because you missed their too tight deadline? Did you tell your project manager that taking that 'one small' task in between would get you behind on schedule? Dissapointed by your team mate because he messed up the task you asked him to do? Are you sure you gave him all the information and provided enough feedback? Tired of doing the same repetitive task over and over? Why haven't you automated it yet? Not happy with a certain implementation? Did you speak up and propose alternative solutions?

So next time you blame someone else, ask yourself: Did I try everything within my reach to make this work or did I unconsciously sabotage this myself?

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