Saturday, October 8, 2011

Commute hacking: Chromapaper

Since I changed jobs, I do my daily commute by train. This adds two hours of leasure time to the day, which I used to lose in traffic.

So far, I have been spending these two won hours programming and/or reading. I have been looking for a way to read online content offline on my laptop. Searching for software that could make this happen, I mostly came across programs which would mirror a whole site locally. Eventually I asked Twitter, and Lee Dumond pointed me to Chromapaper.

Chromapaper is a free Chrome application which caches Instapaper entries locally. Through the day, I mark interesting, but lenghty articles for reading later, so that I can simply synchronise them to my machine before leaving the connected cocoon.

You can find the Instapaper and the Chromapaper plugins in the Chrome Web Store.

Add articles to Instapaper, and start an offline sync.

Open Chromapaper offline.

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