Thursday, April 7, 2011

Video, slides and source from my WebSockets talk

Yesterday, I gave a talk on WebSockets at HTML5 WebCamps Belgium.

I got a lot of positive feedback on Twitter, which makes me a very happy panda!

You can already find the video of my session on Channel9.

The slides can be found on SlideShare.

If you want to play with the demo yourself, you can download the source:
  • Make sure your firewall allows incoming TCP traffic on port 4502
  • Deploy the client access policy file to IIS
  • Also host the Demo.WebSockets.WebClient in IIS

More information on installing the WebSockets prototype here. If you have an issue with running the demo, feel free to ping me!


  1. Hey Jef,
    Great talk on websockets on the html 5 webcamp. I'm working on a software interface for a ROV (basically an underwater robot) as a hobby-project and thinking about using web sockets to control the robot from any web-enabled device (with enough html5 support ofcourse).

  2. That would be awesome! Keep me posted! :)

  3. Mooi gedaan Jef!