Tuesday, April 26, 2011


A Real Developer is a side-project I built over the weekend poking around with WebMatrix.

It got a little out of hand. After publishing, I showed it to a few popular tweeps, and they were kind enough to mention it. 24 hours after the launch it has gotten over 3.5k unique visitors, 39k page views (see what I did there?) and over 240 submissions. Being mentioned by Scott Hanselman and Rey Bango helps.

I kind of felt like a mini - Mark Zuckerberg constantly refreshing the page and reading new quotes hours afer the launch.

I was somewhat surprised by how original and creative our community is. Some of my favorite quotes so far..

A real developer has changed live code in production at least once, begrudgingly. (by @jasonfamularo)
A real developer has code on his t-shirt. (by @stevenmilne)
A real developer knows family is more important than computers. (by @shanselman)
A real developer tries to write as little code as possible. (by @marknijhof)
A real developer works in the dark, but communicates with those in the light. (by @atcrawford)
A real developer understands code is nearly the same as an organic life-form that evolves. (by @stefandidak)

And so much more of them are awesome.

The future

I enjoyed the experience so far. I'm well aware that this buzz will end soon, but I'm going to try to maintain momentum as long as possible.

That's why I am eager to hear your suggestions and feedback.

Requests received so far:
  • Make it possible to up- or downvote quotes.
  • Make a smart algorithm based on those votes.
  • Make it easier to link to quotes.
  • Twitter authentication.
I might open source this little project (it's only 50 lines of code) and I might do a few blog posts on the making of in the next weeks.


  1. nice work. fun, creative and simple site. if you do add authentication, might i suggest the ability for the submitter to delete or edit their quote at some point.

  2. Love the site. I think instead of doing a full page refresh, an AJAX refresh would be a bit more snazzy.

  3. WTF "a Real Developer knows that ASP.NET > PHP"?!?!?!

  4. Maybe only up vote to prevent the inevitable platform and tool wars?

  5. feature: allow suggesting improvements (e.g. misspellings etc). Allow community votes for those improvements. Apply improvements automatically when a certain treshold of upvotes is reached.

  6. Support the browser 'back/forward' button. Add permalinks.

  7. Add a way to show quotes submitted by a particular user

  8. I want a screensaver with these quotes in a Star Wars opening text crawl (you know, the yellow words)

  9. Added permalinks, sharing and a feed.

  10. Added commenting and voting using Disqus.

  11. Jef...great work ....small feedback though...the site was so much more better without all this social media buttons and stuff....neat and simple...don't u think ppl would share if on social media regardless u have those buttons or not...:)