Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Running XBAP in IE9

By default you can't run XAML Browser Applications in IE9. You will get an "An error occurred in the application you were running" error.

To run an XBAP in IE9 you need to add the hosting site to your trusted sites..

.. or you could convert the application to Silverlight, or preferably HTML5 ;)


  1. And you should expect either 1) Every visitor to your website to add it to the Trusted Sites, or 2) HTML5 to provide full WPF capabilities. Or both.

  2. This is absolutely ridiculous.. Moral of the story.. Write a ClickOnce app to run before the xbap and modify the trust settings and then have the click once app launch your site. Talk about programmed privilege elevation. Who is this really making secure?

  3. Ok then what are we gonna do with XBAP application, don't use it, come on, any solutions??..