Tuesday, November 9, 2010

TechEd Europe 2010: Day 1

In this post you can find information on the sessions I attended at TechEd Europe today. I tried to give a very brief summary per session accompanied with some interesting links you can use to find more information on the subject.

Getting your return on investment with Microsoft .NET Framework 4

In this session, Drew Robbins gave an overview of things new in .NET 4.

You can find a full list of new features and improvements in .NET 4 in this MSDN article.

A lap around Windows IE9 for developers

Pete Lepage gave us a lap around IE9. He told us that with this version of IE, Microsoft is trying to focus on three things:
  • Using the whole pc (GPU!)
  • Creating a site-centric UI
  • Being compliant with the standards (HTML5 & CSS3)
His presentation should be available on his blog tonight.

To get some more insight on what IE9 is all about, check the website Beauty of the Web. Also don't forget to download the beta version of IE9! It really is the best browser out there.

The future of C#

Mads Torgersen talked about the future of C#. Version 5 of C# will be all about asynchronous programming.

To learn more, watch this video on Channel 9 called "Inside C# Async". If you want to go deeper, Jon Skeet did several very low-level blog posts on this topic this month.

Software testing with VS2010

This was part 1 of 2 on software testing with VS2010. In this first part Brian Keller mainly talked about Microsoft Test Manager. This tool helps you plan, test, track and organize manual tests. Its integration with Team Foundation makes this a tool which I want to start using in the near future.

To see what I am talking about, you can watch the video "Introduction to Test Case Management in Visual Studio 2010 with Microsoft Test and Lab Manager" on Channel 9.

Building great websites fast using Umbraco

Umbraco is an Open Source CMS written in ASP.NET. It serves 85.000 websites, including Peugeot.com and Asp.net.

The founder of Umbraco, Niels Hartvig, gave this session. Next to showing us how to set up a basic new website with Umbraco, he also made an exciting announcement. In the near future Umbraco will support Razor syntax!

As Niels told us, Umbraco has a great community, so the best place to start playing and learning is the Umbraco community website.

F# in VS2010

Microsoft shipped F# as a first class citizen of the .NET languages in Visual Studio 2010. F# is a functional language which tries to solve complex problems with simple code.

Don Syme showed us how to get started with F#. To get started yourself, visit the F# Developer Center.

He also talked about the future of F#, where Type providers look very cool and innovative. You can watch his session on the future of F# at PDC here.

I plan on posting the most interesting stuff here daily this week, so stay tuned!

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