Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Being a developer in India

Nowadays all you here is: hey let's outsource our call center, our IT department, our developer team.. to India. I asked Mudassar Ahmed Khan a few questions about how it's like being a developer in India.

How is it like to be a developer in India?

Quite bad..
  1. You get into heavy competition from day one when you join a Computer Science course.
  2. Companies set percentage criteria for young graduates. If you are below those criteria you will have a hard time finding a job.
  3. If you get into the company, the company decides what you will work on.
  4. For Multinationals you need to pay security amount which is refunded when you complete a certain period in the company the period has a range 1-4 years depending on the company.
How do you make up for the lack of experience? Work harder, be more passionate, ...?

In Multinationals you can't be more passionate because you have a lot of restrictions. But you get a fair amount of money too. In Midsized and smaller companies, you'll get good work but at the cost of less money. But here too you can't be passionate since the Team Leaders and Project Managers mostly don't allow you to do so. So it's the company which decides much rather than the individual. It's very rare that you get into a company that allows you to use ideas like mine.

What is the general feeling about outsourcing? Is everyone just content that it is great for the economy, or do people have doubts?

It has increased the IT in India and many companies take up outsourced work from other countries. Recently the recession affected many companies and they have removed many employees. So it has both positive and negative effects.

Do you think India is a threat to Europe?

I have no idea in that perspective.

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