Friday, October 24, 2008

Programming cartoons

There is a big topic about programming cartoons at Stack Overflow.

Never heard of Stack Overflow? You can find a podcast with Scott Hanselman and the makers of Stack Overflow here.

My favorite ones:

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Review: MVC Pair Programming with Paul Litwin

I just finished watching all four videos and I think the videos are definitely worth watching if you're pretty new to MVC like me.

I wasn't completely new to the MVC framework tho, because I have a little bit of experience with Java Struts. If you are completely new to MVC, I advice reading through this first.

Paul Litwin was an intresting guest. He was also new to the MVC framework, so he asked a lot of questions I was having as well while watching the video.

On the framework itself.. I think it might become a real rival for the webforms framework! In the video they wrote code for adding a record, populating a dropdownlist, validating input and showing records. And tbh it looked pretty slick.

Oh well, only time will tell how popular the MVC framework will become.

Please feel free to write a comment about your opinion on the MVC framework!