Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Video: Road to Redmond (Dutch)

A while ago I got to know Dandy Weyn and Bart De Smet through Facebook. These two people have something in common, which gave me an idea. They both work for Microsoft in Redmond and were born in Belgium.

I thought doing a double-interview might give me some great content for my blog. I contacted them and told them about my idea. They both embraced the idea and took it to another level. They took the time to make a video and show what's life like up there.

The video turned out to be really funny. While talking about what it takes to travel the road to Redmond, they go off-topic a lot, which leads to some good lolz.


Dandy and Bart, thanks a lot for doing this!

Don't forget to visit Bart's blog.

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