Saturday, November 8, 2008

Cheating on Google Adsense?

I was thinking about the Google Adsense concept and architecture.. I don't think Google Adsense can be really that hard to cheat on.

What are the things Google can check?
1. The ip-address of the computer sending the http request (clicking the link).
2. The time between the http requests (the clicks).

How to cheat Google Adsense?
I think a simple program that would do following steps in a loop with a variable time interval would do the trick:
1. Change your ip - address to the outside world.
2. Send a http request to one of the ads (click the button).

My experience?
I wrote a small program which sends http requests in a loop with a variable interval time to the ads without changing my ip address after every request, because my ISP does not allow me to change my IP address that often. And the day after I send 8 http requests to the ads using the same ip address I received an e-mail from Google warning me for invalid clicks.

I tried this just for fun and would never think about really cheating Google Adsense. Just because it isn't Google you are stealing from. You are stealing from the companies who are paying to display their ads!

EDIT You should also not forget to send a http request to your page displaying the ad. They will be comparing the number of unique page views to the number of ad clicks as well!


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  2. Sure :) Feel free to contact me with questions :)

  3. I cheated Google long, long time. I was the owner of 5 accounts I lost 2Also I used a proxy system for clicks and content injection for site content. ca-pub-3206375153809894, ca-pub-7617687509476570, ca-pub-0316849906257810 are still mine. If you are clever find more.